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What is the Friend NFT?

At the heart of this year’s WCF is the “Friend NFT”. Unlike traditional NFTs that revolve around personal memories or interests, the Friend NFT celebrates the merging of two distinct cultures. Attendees will be paired randomly with someone else, and a unique NFT will be minted that encapsulates the essence of both their cultures.

How it works?

  1. Random Pairing: Once you register, you will be paired randomly with another potential NFT holder.
  2. Minting Process: A unique NFT will be minted, representing the union of your cultures.
  3. Tier Selection: Choose from the Bronze, Silver, or Gold NFT tiers, each offering its own set of special benefits.

Friend NFT Benefits

Cultural Exchange: Spark conversations and understand the beauty of each other’s cultures through your NFT.

Memorabilia: Hold onto a unique digital keepsake that encapsulates your shared experience at WCF 2023.

Digital Gallery: Visit our exclusive online gallery showcasing all the Friend NFTs, a digital walk down the memory lane of WCF 2023.

Friendship Milestones: Enhance your NFT over time by adding milestones, symbolizing the growth of your friendship.

Tiered Benefits

Bronze NFTs (Limited to 50,000)

  • Exclusive access and discounts to the Art of Living Program

Silver NFTs (Limited to 25,000)

  • All benefits of the Bronze NFT.
  • Exclusive discounts on SriSriTattva products.
  • A special souvenir of WCF 2023.

Gold NFTs: (Limited to 10,000)

  • All benefits of the Silver NFT.
  • A one-of-a-kind opportunity to meet Gurudev in the Metaverse.
  • Premium souvenir of WCF 2023.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Think of NFTs like a special membership card in the digital world. Unlike a regular gym or club membership that might look the same for everyone, this membership card is unique to you and can’t be copied or replaced. It’s like having a VIP pass to an exclusive community, and it’s all securely recorded using cutting-edge technology.Now, with this Premium membership card (NFT) or Friend NFT, you not only gain access to virtual events, content, and communities but also have the chance to receive physical world benefits, like special merchandise or invitations to real-world events.

A Friend NFT is a digital token that represents your shared experience at the WCF 2023. Whether you’re attending the launch event physically alone or with a friend, a group, or virtually, this NFT is a timeless piece of art that commemorates your shared journey. Each Friend NFT is designed to celebrate diversity, arts, and culture, bringing people together under the banner “United We Celebrate”.Instead of personal memories or individual interests, this NFT will revolve around various world cultures.NFT holder can choose the friend from any part of the world from the portal that we will be launching, and an NFT will be minted that embodies both of their cultures, symbolizing the coming together of two worlds.Discover the joys of the Art of Living journey with a buddy by your side. Whether you’re familiar with the course or just starting out, we aim to pair you with the perfect companion to enrich your experience.

#1 Purchase Individually: You and your friend(s) must each purchase your NFTs individually. This is the gateway to exclusive benefits and the start of your shared journey. #2 Wait for the NFT Drop & Pairing Portal Announcement: Keep an eye out for our special announcement of the NFT drop. After purchasing, we’ll guide you to a portal where you can pair up with your friend(s). A unique Friend NFT, symbolizing your shared experience at WCF 2023, will be minted exclusively for your group. #3 Celebrate Diversity & Connect for a Lifetime: With your Friend NFT, immerse yourselves in the beauty and richness of cultures at WCF 2023, and continue to connect, grow, and celebrate diversity in various events and experiences for a lifetime!This one-of-a-kind NFT isn’t just a digital asset; it’s a token of friendship, growth, and the joy of being part of a global celebration like WCF 2023. Join us in this innovative adventure, blending human connection with the magic of technology!

Think of NFTs as special tokens in the digital world. When you own one, it’s like having a unique stamp that says, “This is mine, and there’s no other exactly like it!” This stamp is stored on a digital ledger, ensuring that everyone knows it’s genuinely yours. By owning the “Our Friendship NFT”, you get exclusive benefits, like daily spiritual tasks, digital artworks, and even a physical T-shirt, all proving your membership in a unique and vibrant community.

Getting this NFT is more than just owning a digital item. It’s an experience. You’ll embark on a journey of spiritual growth, connect with like-minded friends, receive unique digital art pieces (like the Culture NFT), and even get real-world rewards such as exclusive meditation sessions and a T-shirt. It’s like joining a club where you not only get special goodies but also become part of a community focused on personal growth and connection.