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United by Spirit, Celebrated by Technology

Join us in a groundbreaking journey, blending ancient spiritual wisdom with cutting-edge blockchain technology

As the world gathers to revel in the richness of cultures and the beauty of diversity at the World Culture Festival (WCF) 2023 by Art Of Living, we introduce Friend NFT



Celebrate Unity of diverse cultures with the Friend NFT

Receive a NFT that symbolizes the coming together and celebration of diverse cultures. A unique and beautiful piece of digital art that is yours to keep and treasure.

Your Path to Personal Growth - Friend NFT App

Receive daily tasks designed to foster personal growth and self-improvement. Complete tasks to automatically create and share your progress status with friends in the app, reflecting your journey towards a more fulfilled and balanced life
Friend_NFT_Coming Soon (300 × 500 px)

Opportunity for a Live Online Meditation Session with Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Gain access to a meditation session a one-time, unforgettable experience for your spiritual journey.