Friend NFT


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Unveiling the FriendNFT-Collectibles!

An artistic representation capturing the essence of the World Culture Festival

Timeless souvenir for the event’s celebration of Global Unity and gathering of hearts, beating together for peace.
“Tribute to the beauty of diversity”An NFT is like a finely Crafted Puzzle, assembled with distinct parts or “Traits”.
The NFT is designed with 9 unique traits that together craft an exclusive Digital Art Collectible.

Trait 1
The Elemental Essence: The five elements : Earth, Fire, Air, Ether, and Water – are foundational concepts found in many cultures worldwide.
They represent the essential building blocks of nature and life.
In essence, these elements ground the artwork, giving it depth and universal relevance.
(The 1st layer and the bottom most layer in the art work)

Trait 2
Meditative Mosaics: Capturing avatars in tranquil meditation
(2nd layer)

Trait 3
Sound Sages: Showcasing avatars gracefully playing diverse instruments.
(3rd layer)

Trait 4
Wise Whispers: A blend of religious and revered elders.
(4th layer)

Trait 5
Rhythmic Reverie: Avatars illustrating the mesmerizing dance forms of different cultures.
(5th layer)

Trait 6
Melodic Magic: Avatars from various cultural background weaving harmonies together.
(6th layer)

Trait 7
Dance Dunes: Drifting through the sands of diverse dance styles.
(7th layer)

Trait 8
Ethnic Elegance: A captivating display of avatars adorned in diverse cultural attire from around the world
(8th layer)

Trait 9
Culinary Canvas: Avatars presenting dishes from diverse cultures, each telling a delicious tale of tradition and taste.
(9th and the top most layer)From jubilant dances, soulful songs, regional foods, to cultural outfits and serene meditators, each of the 101 unique avatars offers a glimpse into the colorful world of diverse cultures, where every avatar tells its own tale.And the magic?Every NFT showcases 8 of these cultural ambassadors, offering a fresh vista with each piece.

Spread symmetrically around the central mandala , are 8 sub-frames, each housing 1 vibrant avatar. Crafted with 9 distinct traits, the Element Frame and 8 avatars each NFT boasts a blend that’s truly one-of-a-kind. Dive into 9999 unique combinations, where no two are alike.Own a slice of the world cultures with the NFT.

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